Bellevue Farmers Market

Gift Ideas and Updates from The Bellevue Farmers Market

The Holiday Season is upon us!  Many of our market vendors have products that would make great gifts to send to friends, unique stocking stuffers, or help you round out your meal planning.  The baskets pictured above are from Bake It Right. Check out some updates from our vendors below!

Bushel and a Peck Homestead

"Turkey! We have a few whole birds and breast(bone in/skin on) available for Christmas and New Years.  We also have plenty of ground turkey.  Farm visits and pick ups are welcomed by appointment (contact via email) . You can always follow us on Facebook at Bushel and a Peck Homestead"

Additional Updates:

  • We are increasing our layer flocks, both chickens and ducks...more eggs!  200 layer chicks will be arriving shortly and we will keep 20-30 ducks for eggs. 
  • Rabbit. Our rabbit herd has increased substantially! You will be able to purchase whole rabbit and ground(plain for you to season and pre-seasoned ground sausage). 
  • Lamb. Grass grains. Limited later in December, but we are growing our flock steadily. 
  • Pork will be available late spring/early summer. We raise a heritage breed called American Guinea Hogs. They are considered a lard hog and have beautifully marbled red meat. If you enjoy making pastries, you’ll love the lard they produce!
  • Muscovy Duck. Whole and possibly breast meat. We hope to have available just before Christmas. 

Bushel and a Peck Homestead

Rocky’s Gourmet Italian Ice


Rocky's Italian Ice

"We are going to set up at Centennial Park in front of the Parthenon on select days through December to promote and sell our Holiday Season Gelato. Flavors are Candy Cane, Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog, and Chocolate Covered Cherry.  These are part of our new Gelato line of creamy (but dairy free and vegan friendly) frozen dessert.  We will also be selling another new line of product that we created called HOT GELATO.  Rich, creamy, flavorful, but hot, not frozen."

Connect with us:

Facebook & Instagram



Bake it Right

Bake it Right

"Bake It Right has opened an online store for the holiday season and we are working on corporate gift baskets for the Nashville area. The online store has Christmas candy, stocking stuffers and gift baskets available for shipping in the US only. We do not have any more shows coming up for the holiday season because we and putting all of our energy into the online store.  We are also working on catering trays and baskets for businesses, real estate agents and Air BNB owners."

Contact for Nashville area corporate baskets, real estate or Air BNB welcome basket or snack trays  -

Social Media:

instagram - bakeitrightco

Moon Shine Suds & Such

Moon Shine Suds

"My Toy Soaps and Bubbly Treasures are the perfect Stocking Stuffers. All $6 or less!"

Moon Shine Suds

Market and Farm Updates

Lupine and Poppies Farm - Will be announcing updates for a Farm to Table event in 2018! Be sure to follow them on Instagram (@LupineandPoppies) and Facebook to get the latest news!  Also, they will be looking for volunteers to help on the farm in early Spring.  This is a great way for young folks to get involved!

S.E. Daugherty & Sons (Fresh & Local) - Stop by the farm stand at the 70/70S to pick out a Christmas tree. They have a great selection!

Cobbler Creations - A perfect way to top of any holiday meal! Click the SHOP NOW button on their Facebook Page.

Market Updates: We will be posting the vendor application and more market news in January 2018. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

The Bellevue Farmers Market

What Does Local Mean at The Bellevue Farmers Market?

What does local food mean to you? It’s often a term we use to describe something that wasn’t shipped across the country by truck. Over the last 10 years, farmers markets have popped up all over Nashville.  We live in a great city, and we have great markets in most all of our communities.  When we started growing The Bellevue Farmers Market, a unique thing happened…we discovered we had local growers right here in Bellevue.

As our market developed, we put an emphasis on being as local as we possibly could be.  It can be a challenge for sure. There can be several reasons…maybe nobody in the immediate area produces or grows a specific food or item, so you have to search more regionally.  It could be that there are local folks, but they are committed to other markets.  Pulling together a market that is as Bellevue-centric as possible has been, and continues to be challenging, but the reward is worth it.

Shaun Daugherty of Fresh & Local on his farm in Bellevue

Shaun Daugherty of Fresh & Local on his farm in Bellevue.

Philip Bennett of Buffalo Road Produce with eggs fresh from the farm.

Philip Bennett of Buffalo Road Produce with eggs fresh from the farm.

How do we define local? We define it as community.

We are proud to be one of the few, if not the only, markets in the Nashville area in which a majority of the produce sold is grown less than 5 miles from our market. Even more, the majority of our artisans and food merchants live in or near Bellevue. From a community stand point, that means when you purchase goods at The Bellevue Farmers Market, you are giving back to the community.  Our vendors represent Bellevue families. These families live and shop here. When we go to local stores, we see them shopping in the same stores.  When we attend our children’s event at schools, we see these families at the same school with their children. When we go to vote, we see these families at the same voting station. For us, it’s about knowing where our food comes from and eating healthy, but it goes far beyond that. We have a special thing happening here in Bellevue.

The Jacobson Family of Pegram will be a new addition to The Bellevue Farmers Market in 2016!

The Jacobson Family of Pegram will be a new addition to The Bellevue Farmers Market in 2016!

As you shop the market this year…we encourage you to get to know the growers. Ask questions! If you don’t see something that you are looking for, feel free to ask them why.  Locally grown means what is in season for the local region.  They can let you know when to expect to see certain foods. Ask where the food was grown, and the methods used to grow it.  This is your market, Bellevue! We look forward to serving you in 2016!

Local honey bees at Buffalo Road Produce

Local honey bees at Buffalo Road Produce

From early April, Cherokee Purples being grown in Bellevue at Fresh & Local.

From early April, Cherokee Purples being grown in Bellevue at Fresh & Local.

Fresh lettuce from Bellview Produce grown off Gower Road in Bellevue.

Fresh lettuce from Bellview Produce grown off Gower Road in Bellevue.

The 2016 season of The Bellevue Farmers Market will feature more produce growers than ever! Over double from last year! We will tell about our other growers and farmers in our next blog!

The Bellevue Farmers Market returns May 6th to Red Caboose Park.  The market is held every Friday from 5pm to 7:30pm, May thru October. Click here to see our events schedule.



Tips On Storing Fresh Vegetables

The Bellevue Farmers Market offers a wide variety of locally grown produce at our market each Friday night. There’s nothing much better than a local, pesticide free, ‘homegrown’ tomato.  Particularly, a Cherokee Purple.  Purchasing your food at The Bellevue Farmers Market is not just an investment in local farms. It is an investment in your personal health. We want to help you protect your ‘investment’ for as long as possible. recently posted a chart with tips on storing fresh vegetables. Be sure to download this convenient tip sheet below.

Each Friday night, through late October, you can purchase the best produce, eggs, and meat available in Bellevue, TN from these local vendors at:

Fresh & Local (Grown in Bellevue)

Buffalo Road Produce (Grown in Bellevue)

C&S Produce (Grown in Ashland City)

Walton’s Hill Farm (Grown in Springfield)

Bellview Produce & Collective (Re-seller from Busy Bee Blueberry in Greenbrier, TN; The Orchard in Cross Plains, TN; Bellview Farms in Bellevue, TN; Friesens Farm in Pleasantville, TN)

Pinewood Farm (Grown in Hickman County)

(Meat) Giving Thanks Farm (Clarksville, TN)

The Bellevue Farmers Market is held each week at Red Caboose Park from 5pm to 7:30pm.  The playground is open for children while parents shop, and the Bellevue Harpeth Historic Association will have the Belle Vue I cabin open for tours.


“Belle Vue I” to be open for tours on market nights

The Belle Vue I, which overlooks Red Caboose Park, is the original home of Abraham Louis DeMoss, founder of Bellevue.

The Bellevue Harpeth Historic Association plans to have the cabin open every Friday night during market hours.  The home originally stood on a ridge overlooking Morton Mill Road for more than 200 years.  Abraham Louis DeMoss, his wife Hannah, and their 9 children lived there.  The cabin was donated to Bellevue Harpeth Historic Association by DeMoss descendants Frank and Dolly Carter and their family.

Stop by Red Caboose Park between 5pm and 7:30pm every Friday night during The Bellevue Farmers Market for a tour and a brief history lesson!



The Bellevue Farmers Market @ Red Caboose Park

A huge thank you to the Bellevue Community for coming out this past Friday night to support The Bellevue Farmers Market inaugural event at Red Caboose Park! Over the last 3 years, the market has grown, and will continue to grow with your support!

As we look forward to the upcoming holiday weekend, make your plans now to come out to the market this coming Friday! Be sure to stock up on steaks and meat for your grilling needs for the Fourth of July! We will have a wide selection of produce from local farms, as well as a variety of breads, eggs, cheese, honey, cobblers, and other great finds!

The market is held each Friday from 5pm to 7:30pm at Red Caboose Park in Bellevue.

Meet Our Market Farmers – Buffalo Road Produce

Buffalo Road Produce

Buffalo Road Produce (Buffalo Valley Farm) is a small scale CSA/market farm located on the westernmost edge of Davidson county, between Bellevue and Pegram. We focus on sustainability and quality above all else. We are family owned and operated on our own land which we’ve owned since the early 60’s. We offer a robust variety of produce and other farm goods including free range eggs from our flock, honey from our hives, and Shiitake mushrooms from our mushroom logs. We are also currently experimenting with and trying to produce our own homemade soaps, candles, and other novelty items of the homestead nature. 100% of produce we offer is started and grown on our farm, using certified organic seed and only sustainable farming practices. Methods that our ancestors used in the old days that are tried and true. We strongly believe that these methods are the RIGHT way to farm and we are proud to say that we practice these exclusively. It’s not the easy way to do it by any means, but we are rewarded with knowing we are doing our part to take care of the planet we live on and the people who enjoy what we offer.

BFM Location:
Friday Night – BUMC
Saturday Morning – TailGate

Meet Our Market Farmers – Walton’s Hill Farm

Walton’s Hill Farm

Walton’s Hill Farm is a small berry farm located in Robertson county.  We specialize in blueberries, but we also raise several varieties of ever bearing strawberries, blackberries and mulberries.  In late summer to early fall we will have apples, pears and muscadines to offer.  Fresh berries can be some of the most heavily sprayed food products that you can buy; but at Walton’s Hill, we use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.  We also work with a local commercial kitchen to produce all natural jams and jellies from our own harvest.  Follow us on Facebook for gardening and homestead tips and ideas at

BFM Location:
Friday Night – BUMC

For additional information on The Bellevue Farmers Market participants, visit and click the Vendors tab.